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The Journey

An adventure starts the minute you commit to the decision to go. This one started with a friend's push to make it happen. Now I'm about to embark with her and another friend on a road trip across the United States for almost 3 months! The trip will start in Northern Wisconsin as we load up a 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee with all our gear and hitch up a 2002 Viking Pop up Camper as our main living accommodation. The mission is to travel from Wisconsin to Maine, down the east coast, then across the country to the West coast. The itinerary is fairly unstructured to allow for spontaneous adventures, last minute changes, and whatever else might happen along the way. On the way we hope to explore beautiful places, create and nurture relationships with friends and family, volunteer and help others where we can, and to hopefully inspire others to get off their couch and into their own adventure. There are always 1,000,000 reasons why you shouldn't do something. There isn't enough time in a life to worry about those things.