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Camping Out with Dan Camp: A Podcast!

Hello campers!

I've been purposefully absent from here because the last few months have been full of movements that I thought deserved an undivided focus. As the nation seems to be growing more and more separated, it's important to remember that we are all neighbors on a dust-sized rock that floats around a gigantic ball of hydrogen and helium. Hidden in the constant media bombardment of bad news, people are still out there doing great things and I hope that we can all be a part of that group.

While we are simultaneously confronting the racial disparity ingrained into our nation and trying to manage a global pandemic that has become politicized, I think its really easy to feel increasingly lonely in a world stuffed full of people. Being born as a white man, I drew the winning numbers as far as natural advantages someone could have in America. I found myself watching friends and family get involved in peaceful protests, standing up for the lives of those who have long been disenfranchised, while I sat comfortably in my modest Montana mountain home. I was so far separated from the realities of the COVID-19 crisis. I kept my full-time, work from home job with a company that acknowledges and appreciates my work and there was never a moment where I could feel reality breathing down my neck. I struggled in this space to feel a sense of purpose. I felt like the tide of the world was slowly washing me away. I signed petitions and posted things I saw as helpful to my Instagram stories but I lost myself in a feeling of "not doing enough".

As I considered what I could do to bring good content to the world, I was pushed towards finalizing plans to start podcasting! Many of my favorite motivational voices like Brendon Burchard and Tom Bilyeu will always talk about how to develop a passion and to start making your individual impact on the world. One of their consistent sparks of wisdom is to relentlessly pursue what you do well and you'll start creating the impact that you are shooting for. That's why I decided NOW is the perfect time to start talking to people across the United States about their own individual experiences with outdoor recreation, challenges in life, pushing their comfort zones, and changing a few lives. Even if its just one person at a time.

I'm really proud to introduce you guys to my podcast: Camping Out with Dan Camp! Below is the trailer episode, a sort of tease to get you excited for the things to come. Every new episode will be available in most places that you probably already listen to podcasts, including Spotify and Apple Podcasts! Be ready for a new adventure every week with the next inspiring and intensely interesting person.

I can't wait to share this with the world. As my first guest, Brock Fisher says, "Impact can be just changing one person's life." Please subscribe and share this with your friends and family. Also, please reach out to me if you'd like to come on as a guest. I'd also love to hear feedback on who you want to hear from and topics that matter to you.

I love you all. Thank you for checking this out and helping to build the community.

Adventure comes to those who GO!

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